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Is my Enlightenment being tested?

Bad Luck

Bad luck, or just being tested by the universe?

There was a strong earthquake recently that shook the border between Thailand, and Laos. It caused high-rises in Bangkok to slowly sway back and forth for ... Read more here...

I lost everything!

I lost everything

Have you ever lost everything?

Earth has been rotating around the sun for billions of years. Life here has arisen, fallen, evolved, and many of earths past life forms now cease to exist. All things are impermanent, and ... Read more here...

Unless you make peace with the past, you won’t have a future.

Make peace with your past

Does the past dominate your thoughts?

The past, for some it briefly occupies their thoughts, for others it dominates their thinking. With enough emotional entanglements, it will dominate our present, and consume our ... Read more here...

What do you fear?

What do you fear

Are your fears holding you back?

Petting a majestic tiger was always on my bucket list. Part of my adventure while I was in Thailand involved a trip to a tiger sanctuary to fulfill my wish to... Read more here...

Are you still holding onto Anger?

holding onto anger

Simply put anger down, and walk away.

Two Buddhist monks, an elder monk, and a younger less enlightened novice monk set off on a journey together. The older more experienced monk had a pre-planned path to take on their journey to enlighten his... Read more here...

Past Mistakes:

Past Mistakes

Don’t let past mistakes ruin your mindfulness of the present moment.

Sometimes we wish that we could go back in time to change the past, and make different decisions than the ones we have made, thereby changing our future, or from our point of view ... Read more here...

Winter Sucks:

Winter Sucks

Baby it's cold outside! It is that time of year again, winter is upon us with a capital W. I will have to be honest with you. I only vaguely remember the frigid blast of old man winters chill. I always hated the cold weather while growing up in Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Cold weather was always severely painful to my body as a child, whereas hot weather was ... Read more here...

Change is Certain:

Change is Certain

Late October of 2005 hurricane Wilma made her presence known in South Florida. I remember it clearly because South Florida was my home for 27 years of my life before making Thailand my next adventure.

I lived in an apartment complex at the time, and their unique selling point was all of the trees that grew within the complex. There were a great many oak trees there with a good amount... Read more here...

Sometimes we do a good deed for the wrong reason:

Bad Karma

Paying it forward is always a good thing. You may find yourself in an unfortunate situation as well someday, and will be thankful for the assistance.

I really do love a good pizza. After several recommendations about the quality of a certain pizza place in Bangkok, I decided to give it a try.

I will have to agree with those who gave... Read more here...

Bad Karma For Them, or Karmic Retribution For Me?

Bad Karma

Karma, also known as the law of cause and effect, is an absolute.

The good deeds, and the harmful actions that we bring unto others will return to us seeking blessings upon us, or retribution against us, as a result of our actions set forth by our intentions.

Life is a cruel teacher... Read more here...

Five Principles For a Buddhaful Life

5 principles for a Buddhaful life

Five Principles to embrace that will positively propel us towards a Buddhaful life.

The past is gone, it is over, and there is nothing that we can do to change it. It doesn’t matter how many times we beat ourselves up over it, or try to relive it, the outcome will... Read more here...

Hypnagogic Enlightenment

Hypnagogic Enlightenment

Halfway between the alpha state of dreaming, and our normal waking state of consciousness lays terra incognito, the hypnagogic state of enlightenment. It is only in the state of hypnagogia that we are truly awake, and free to explore the new wisdom that is presented to us.

When we enter into the hypnagogic state of enlightenment, our monkey minds are silenced, and... Read more here...

Why Should I Let Go Of My Attachments?

Let go of attachments

As we all know, all things are impermanent. It is not only the material items here on the physical plane that we here in the human realm of existence experience firsthand that are impermanent, but our thoughts, ideas, and emotions are impermanent as well.

There is no logic in becoming passionately attached to that which is inherently impermanent... Read more here...

The Monkey Mind:

The Monkey Mind

Your Monkey Mind is always monkeying around. Like a monkey swinging through the jungle clinging to one branch then releasing it to randomly grab and cling to another.

So too are the random thoughts in our mind that manifest, and linger in our heads for a moment only to disappear and be replaced... Read more here...

The Tree of Suffering:

The tree of suffering

Attachment to things, and people that we admire only brings us suffering. Picture yourself, and your life as a mighty oak tree. The decisions that you make, and the actions that you take are the leaves hanging from the many strong branches of the tree of your life. Read more here...

Letting Go Of Attachment:

Letting Go Of Attachment

The hardest attachment to let go of, is letting go of your attachment to the person you love. I had envisioned my idea of what the perfect woman was, just like every other man out there. My vision of the perfect woman was… Read more here...

Overcoming Your Fears By Facing Them:

Face Your Fears

“The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment that you reject all help are you freed.” ~ Buddha Read more here...

The Importance of Mindfulness:

The Importance of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is important for us if we are to complete our daily tasks in a successful and uneventful manner. Most of us live chaotic lives, and we are faced with many distractions that draw our attention away from what we are doing in the present moment. Read more here...

The Enigma of Karma:

The Enigma of Karma

The Enigma of Karma has a most perplexing way of rewarding the good deeds, and reprimanding the bad deeds of everyone. An enigma is something that is mysterious, or difficult to understand. Karma is a part of both Hinduism, and Buddhism. It refers to a person’s actions during their present life, and their actions in past lives as well. Read more here...

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