The Enigma of Karma:

The Enigma of Karma

The enigma of karma has a most perplexing way of rewarding the good deeds, and reprimanding the bad deeds of everyone.

An enigma is something that is mysterious, or difficult to understand.

Karma is a part of both Hinduism, and Buddhism. It refers to a person’s actions during their present life, and their actions in past lives as well.

These actions both good and bad are the determining factor for our future situations and for the unfolding of events in our current life at the present time.

Not only will our actions in this life effect our future in this life, but our actions now will determine the outcome of our future lives as well.

Karma always makes things right, both for our good, and bad thoughts and actions. Think good thoughts, and act with good intentions. Your future literally depends on it.

Karma is an ancient concept. It comes from the Sanskrit word Karman, meaning action, effect, and fate. As old of a word as karma is, it is still well known here in the present time.

For instance…

Instant Karma is attributed to popular memes, or viral videos that depict bad luck coming upon a person soon after they commit a negative action towards others.

There are times in our lives when we think that those who have wronged us deserve bad karma, and when they don’t receive what is coming to them we wonder why they have gotten away with their misdeeds.

Many ill-intentioned people are among us who have lived their lives in such a way that causes suffering for others.

These people make their living by cheating and causing harm to others, but they always seem to become more and more successful. Karma never seems to knock at their door.

This may bewilder us, but alas, karma doesn’t always act upon the wrong doer instantly. It more often than not takes time. Sometimes karmic justice won’t happen until their next lifetime.

Often times karma’s logic is far different than what we believe it should be.

Let me share with you an anecdote from my own experiences now.

Her name was Care, she was from Bangkok Thailand. I first met her just before the anti-government protests started in 2013.

The main area that the protesters gathered was right near where she worked, and this caused her financial hardships due to a loss of hours at work. I wanted to help her, so help her I did.

I thought that we were in a relationship so monthly stipends flowed from my bank account to hers just like clockwork. After 7 – 8 months of financial assistance it was revealed to me that I was just a foolish sponsor.

I wondered for a while after that what I had done wrong to deserve that. I worked hard for my money, and didn’t deserve to be taken advantage of. Understanding women anywhere is an Enigma in itself.

When it comes to karma intention is everything.

Sometimes things don’t always work out as we plan them. Our actions can unintentionally cause harm to others. These actions will not bring bad karma upon us because our intentions were good.

My intention was to help her. Her intention was to get a free ride for herself and her daughter for several months.

Will bad karma befall her for her actions backed by her misguided intentions?

Many will agree that her actions are deserving of a little karmic justice. As I contemplate the result of my good actions towards her, I can’t help but wonder if the enigma of karma had a different reasoning for the outcome of that situation.

Is it possible that when you factor reincarnation into the equation, I in fact owed her money or there was something of value that I deprived her of in a past life? Now in this life, did karma even things out between us?

I must accept the fact that it is indeed a possibility.

While it may appear to us that some people live their lives free from karmic justice, things are never as they appear to be from the singularity of our current viewpoint.

Karmic justice transcends time, and acts beyond our perception.

The enigma of karma is truly intriguing.

Don't get revenge, let karma do all the work. Find your inner peace, and Embrace Nirvana.

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