About Embracing Nirvana:

Embrace Nirvana. Let Nirvana become you. We must accept that all things are impermanent, and we own nothing in this lifetime. Do not allow your attachments to consume you, or you will suffer lifetime after lifetime until you learn to let go of them.

All beings suffer. Some suffer too little, and some suffer too much. ~Buddha

Embracing Nirvana is committed to bringing you Buddhist themed content with a positive message to inspire you to reach enlightenment as you walk along your own Path.

Buddha taught that life is suffering, but he also informed his followers that there is a way to end our suffering by following the steps outlined in The Eightfold Path

We at Embracing Nirvana endeavor to lift the vibratory frequency of all of our readers, so that they too may end their suffering, and Embrace Nirvana in this lifetime.

May your journey bring you happiness, and the enlightenment that you seek. Let go of your attachments, and Embrace Nirvana.

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