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Buddhism Books For Beginners:

Best Buddhism Books For Beginners

What is Buddhism?

The basic beliefs of Buddhist teachings are to help us release ourselves from suffering (Dukkha). Buddha’s teachings of The Four Noble Truths, and The Eightfold Path will help us achieve Nirvana.

Here are some of the best books about Buddhism for beginners... Read more here...

Astral Projection in Buddhist Teachings:

Astral Projection in Buddhism

What was taught about Astral Projection in Buddha’s time?

The Buddhist teachings have described many occurrences of a Buddhist practitioner during meditation being able to project their consciousness outside of their physical body, and into a subtle body. This phenomena has also been experienced in the West by esoteric practitioners and called Astral Projection. Read more here...

Positive Thinking:

Positive Thinking

Change your life through positive thinking.

Our thoughts send signals to our brain which will affect our bodies. Our thoughts can increase our heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, and change our body temperature. Lie detectors work by measuring ... Read more here...

Bodhi Dukkhan:

Bodhi Dukkhan ddranyen player

Anderan's best dranyen player.

Bodhi started his day in the typical way. He met with Lama Yacana for morning meditation, and daily lessons about the... Read more here...



Who is controlling your awareness?

The awareness within us is seldom in charge of our actions. Many prefer to identify with the part of us governed by our five physical senses.

We allow this limited part of us to ... Read more here...

Coronavirus Pandemic Panic:

Coronavirus Nirvana

Coronavirus Panic Will Impede Our Path to Nirvana.

The Coronavirus panic is causing selfishness, and selfishness is running rampant during this Coronavirus pandemic. Selfishness is unbecoming a Buddhist. Compassion, and empathy are the ... Read more here...


Stop Procrastinating

How to Stop Procrastinating.

Procrastination is a kin to laziness. The lazy sibling simply doesn’t want to complete the task at all, but the procrastinator sibling merely wants to delay completing the task, or even starting it for that matter until ... Read more here...


Coronavirus inner peace

Finding Inner Peace during a virus outbreak.

I have received several messages from concerned followers about the Novel (New) Corona virus, wondering if I was safe here in Thailand, or asking me if I was worried about ... Read more here...

Bodhi Dukkhan:

Bodhi Dukkhan

The Floods of Anderan

Bodhi Dukkhan was a farmer in the village of Anderan, and a student of the bodhisattva lama Yacana who was a well-known teacher of Buddha’s Dharma ... Read more here...

Overcoming Laziness:

Overcoming Laziness

Are you lazy?

People are being lazy if they are able to perform a task, but choose not to because they don’t want to make the effort to do so. They prefer to do something requiring less exertion, less boring, or they feel like ... Read more here...

How to Find Inner Peace:

Inner Peace

Embrace your Inner Peace for a happier life.

Live can often get chaotic and stressful depriving us of inner peace. So many different things require our attention that it is often overwhelming for us.

That coupled with the juggernaut of random thoughts that constantly enter our minds, causes inner peace to ... Read more here...

Six ways to stop Overthinking:

Six ways to stop overthinking

Is overthinking controlling your life?

She told me, “You will never be happy in your life, because you think too much.” She was my Thai girlfriend. Was is the operative word here, as she is no longer my girlfriend, but she ... Read more here...

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