How to Find Inner Peace:

Inner Peace

“Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace” ~Dalai Lama

7 Simple Tips to Find Your Inner Peace.

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“The life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the easiest type of existence.” ~Norman Vincent Peale

Live can often get chaotic and stressful depriving us of our inner peace. So many different things require our attention that it is often overwhelming for us.

That coupled with the juggernaut of random thoughts that constantly enter our minds, causes inner peace to elude us. When does it all end?

We all often believe that we need a vacation to escape from our stressful life. We can however let go of stressful situations, and embrace our inner peace with these seven simple tasks. Embrace your Inner Peace for a happier life.

Here are 7 simple tips that I would like to share with you to find more peace, and calmness in your life.

1. Let Go of the Past:
Buddha taught that attachment to our desires causes our suffering. We often focus our attention on past events and create an attachment in our minds to memories of people we knew, experiences we had, and possessions we owned.

Some of the people, and possessions from our past are still past of our lives while others only exist in our memories. This loss often causes us discontent, and leaves us with feelings of loss and sadness disrupting our inner peace.

The memories of our past are often a constant source of stress and anxiety for us, and detrimental to our inner peace. All things are impermanent, we cannot relive, or change our past no matter how much we want to go back there, or wish we could change things.

Embracing our inner peace creates an enlightening, and powerful mindset within us that is a far more desirable mental state than one of attachment to things that only causes us to experience hurtful feelings.

Everything happens for a reason. Our past experiences are part of our growth process, and builds our character, but focusing on the past with thoughts of remorse will bring us suffering.

Why let the negative thoughts of our Past Mistakes hamper our path to Nirvana?

2. Don’t Try to Control Everything:
We often try to control everything in the world around us. We want to control the behaviors of others and their actions from how they do their jobs, to how they drive their cars as well.

We try to control the outcome of every situation to one that is favorable to us. We even desire to control the weather if we have plans to go to the beach, or another outdoor event.

Inner Peace

“You only have control over three things in your life, the thoughts that you think, the images that you visualize, and the actions you take” ~James Canfield

Stop trying to control everything. Your failure to do so will only bring you discontent.

3. Go Meditate:
Meditation is gaining in popularity as a way to quiet our Monkey Mind, and be mindful of our thoughts. Meditation is calming to both the mind, and body. We will all have thoughts constantly entering into our mind that disrupt our inner peace.

Through meditation we will be mindful of these thoughts entering into our heads, and allow them to pass without dwelling on them. Focusing our attention on our breathing, and on positive thoughts will bring us calmness.

Deep breathing while meditating will greatly relax our bodies, and relieve our stress.

Having a relaxed body and calm thoughts through meditation, is one of the best ways to achieve inner peace.

Inner Peace Thich Nhat Hahn

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.” ~Thich Nhat Hahn

4 Communicate Instead of Assuming:
We often assume that we know what others are thinking. We make judgements based on their words, body language, or even by the way they are dressed.

We overthink how we should interact with others before we even attempt to communicate our thoughts and feelings with them. Our overthinking is a big cause of our unhappiness. (Learn six ways to stop overthinking… here)

If we try to honestly communicate with others before assuming that we know what they are thinking or feeling we will avoid many hard feelings, and misunderstandings in our relationships with others.

5. Wake Up an Hour Early, and Have a Morning Ritual:

We all have the same twenty four hours every day to live our life. If we try getting out of bed an hour earlier we will have more time to complete our daily tasks. This will reduce our stress and anxiety.

Having a morning ritual that we enjoy will also serve to awaken our inner peace. I like to start my morning ritual with a cold shower. Taking a warm or even a hot shower can be very relaxing.

In the morning I don’t want to relax to wake up, I want to shock my body into full wakefulness. Nothing says wake up you lazy bum like a cold shower does.

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My next ritual is a hot cup of STRONG coffee. Yes I know this is not a good thing, but strong coffee is one vice I partake in. As much as I would enjoy a donut, or sweet muffin to accompany my coffee, I find fresh fruit to be more desirable.

The sugar and carb overload from donuts and muffins would disrupt my physiology, and send my mindset back into a catatonic state.

Fresh fruit feeds my body healthy nutrients, and ever so slightly counteracts the damage done by the coffee. We must keep our body healthy, embracing the middle path if we are to reach enlightenment.

My next ritual in the morning is to meditate. I embrace the edge of the Hypnagogic state, as I let new ideas of enlightenment fill my mind with wisdom. In this state I plan my day, and set forth my tasks to complete.

Then I get up from my meditative position, and attempt to accomplish my objectives for the day.

I complete my day with an appraisal of my actions. I ask myself,

“What did you accomplish today?”

“What did you do right?”

“What did you do wrong?”

“What did you learn from today?”

Then I contemplate what I can do better to improve my performance, and outcome the next day. This helps me to grow, and embrace my inner peace.

6. Downsize Your Life:

Having less possessions equals less stress in our lives. Try donating your unused items to those less fortunate to bring more peace and happiness into your life.

When I moved to Thailand the first thing I did was down size all of my possessions until everything fit into two suitcases. I gave away, or donated many of my possessions to bring a little joy to those less fortunate. I hope they found happiness for a brief moment in them.

I found letting go of material possessions gave me a sense of inner peace, or maybe it stemmed from the new life in Thailand that I had placed before myself through cosmic ordering.

The less possessions that you have, the less attachments that you have to let go of, and you will not feel that you have Lost Everything when their impermanence takes them from you.

7. Slow Slow, Don’t Be in Such a Hurry.

I worked in retail for over twenty years. The work culture there was always hurry up, work faster. It didn’t matter how hard you worked, it wasn’t hard enough. My mindset for much of my life was go, go, go, faster, faster, faster.

I carried this same mindset after I left retail work. This was to the dismay of my current Thai girlfriend who is a devote Buddhist. I did everything at a fast pace, and she would always say to me, “Slow slow. Take your time.”

Having the hurry hurry mentality ingrained in my psyche took some time for her to deprogram, but now I find my life is much more relaxed, and stress free.

If we try to slow down, and do one thing at a time mindfully we will enjoy life more. When you eat, slow down, and enjoy your meal. Don’t try to finish eating first, it is not a race.

It is okay to do things at a casual pace as long as you keep moving forward.

Let go, you can’t control everything. Practice mediation, and allow inner peace to embrace you.

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