Nirvana in Buddhism:


"He who walks in the Eightfold Noble Path with unswerving determination is sure to reach Nirvana." ~ Buddha

What is Nirvana?

Nirvana is a word whose origin’s date back many thousands of years.

Nirvana as it is called in the Sanskrit language, or Nibbana in the language of Pali is defined as to blow out, or to extinguish. The word Nirvana is derived from nir meaning to stop, and va meaning to blow out, or to extinguish.

The three fires that are intended to be extinguished as we Embrace Nirvana are…

  • Desire or Attachment
  • Hatred, Anger, Aversion
  • Ignorance

The Three fires are also called The Three Poisons. I wrote another article about The Three Poisons... Click Here.

Desire– It is our desires that cause us to suffer. We allow our attachment to all that we desire to consume us. We as humans become jealous of others who have more wealth, and more options in their life choices then we do.

If we truly understood the The Law of Impermanence, we would never allow ourselves to become attached to material things, or situations that cannot last forever.

We must Embrace Nirvana, and accept that all things are impermanent if we are to extinguish the flames of desire.

Hatred– We all have our passions, and beliefs based upon many years, and lifetimes of building up our Samskaras to create our current personality.

We have all formed our belief systems, and opinions about the world around us and the things that are important to us.

Some people who are still grounded in physical reality and have not begun their journey to enlightenment are so entwined in their beliefs that they will react with anger towards anyone who thinks differently from them.

This aversion will only bring them suffering.

Their hate will bind them to the very people and situations that they direct their hatred toward for as long as they let the fire of hate poison their mind.

We all need to let go of, and extinguish our hateful thoughts if we wish to Embrace Nirvana.

Ignorance - is also known as delusion and refers to ignorance of our minds, and the ignorance of Buddha’s teachings.

Ignorance means lack of knowledge, or information. We are all ignorant until we are taught otherwise.

Our ignorance of the The Ten Fetters, and how they will disrupt our path to Nirvana is part of the fires, or poisons that will prevent us from reaching enlightenment.

Our ignorance of the law of impermanence, and of Anatta, or non-self, intensifies our greed and attachment for our desires. If we understood that all things are impermanent, and we have no permanent self, we would then truly understand that we cannot own anything.

Our belief in a permanent self is what leads to the creation of our ego, and causes us to think in terms of me, and mine. This thinking only escalates our greed, and our desire for more.

Achieving Nirvana is the end goal of Buddhists.

Ignorance of the Ten Fetters will bind us to Dukkha,for many lifetimes, unless we focus our awareness on Nirvana.

His holiness the Dali Lama discussed Nirvana in his book, The Path to Tranquility: Daily Wisdom (Compass) He taught that enlightenment is the ending of rebirth, which means a complete nonattachment or nonidentification will all thoughts, feelings, perceptions, physical sensations, and ideas.

We have no words that can accurately define the meaning of nirvana. Nirvana is not a location that we seek to find, but a state of being that we endeavor to become.

The Buddha taught that anything we may think or imagine about nirvana would be mistaken because the state of nirvana is completely different from our normal state of existence, and sensory perception.

Nirvana cannot be adequately defined, it can only be experienced. Nirvana is detaching ourselves from Samsara. Samsara is a word in both Sanskrit, and Pali that refers to the endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth again.

Buddha’s wisdom discovered a path to end our suffering. This way to end our suffering is spelled out in The Four Noble Truths...
The way to accomplish this task is laid out in The Eightfold Path.

Let go of your attachments, and Embrace Nirvana

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