Why Should I let go of my attachments?

Let Go Of Attachments

I teach two things. There is suffering, and release from suffering. ~ Buddha

Why indeed… it is only human nature to attach ourselves to that which we desire.

Buddha said in The Four Noble Truths, “Desire is the cause of all suffering.” It is not the desire itself that causes us to suffer, but our dissatisfaction, or the displeasure that we feel when we fail to acquire that which we desire.

We will inevitably feel displeasure, and grief when we lose that which we desire as well, because we fail to understand the impermanence of everything. Understanding The law of impermanence is your guide to comprehending the need to let go of your attachments.

As we all know, all things are impermanent. It is not only the material items here on the physical plane that we here in the human realm of existence experience firsthand that are impermanent, but our thoughts, ideas, and emotions are impermanent as well.

There is no logic in becoming passionately attached to that which is inherently impermanent. Would you allow yourself to become attached to a snowman you lovingly built with your two hands knowing that spring is around the corner, and your snowman will soon melt into nothingness?

Of course you wouldn’t expect your snowman to last forever. Just like the snowman in spring, all things will eventually dissipate into nothingness. Do you understand the foolishness of attachment in the human realm of existence?

If you cannot let go of attachment in the human realm of existence, than you only have the realm of the hungry ghosts to look forward to in the rebirth into your next lifetime.

Hungry ghosts (Petas) are the personification of attachment.

One of the most undesirable realms of existence is that of the Hungry Ghosts. There are other realms of existence, but hungry ghosts are merely one level above the realm of hell and suffering, also known as Narakas.

Hungry Ghosts are depicted as having an enlarged stomach, symbolic of their enormous hunger for that which they crave. They also have small mouths, and very thin necks, which give them little ability to satisfy their cravings.

Hungry ghosts live on a higher plane of existence. These supernatural beings are plagued by unquenchable hunger and thirst which represents their strong desires, and attachments during their life in the human realm of existence.

They wander around aimlessly seeking the food and water that they so desperately crave.

It is said in Buddhist teachings that anything that they try to eat will burst into flames as they attempt to eat it. This lifetime of suffering in which the hungry ghosts dwell is not meant as a punishment, but as a karmic lesson in letting go of their attachments.

In countries such as Thailand, people who are knowledgeable about the plight of hungry ghosts leave offerings such as food and drink at shrines to satisfy the cravings of hungry ghosts in the hopes that their compassion for the suffering of hungry ghosts will lead to a more desirable life in their rebirth.

You will be told as an outsider that these offerings are to appease the spirits, but for those in the know, those spirits are, Hungry Ghosts.

Just like you, they will be born, and they will die. This lifetime as a hungry ghost is meant to teach them about the absurdity of their cravings. It is meant to teach them, spiritually speaking that attachment, and cravings only lead to suffering.

Do you understand that your desires are the cause of your suffering?

Do you know that all things are impermanent, or do you need to be reborn into a lifetime as a hungry ghost to teach you this valuable lesson?

Let go of attachment, Embrace Nirvana, and free yourself from the wheel of SAMSARA.

The human realm of existence is the only realm in which one can embrace nirvana. We should all be thankful for the opportunity to be born as a human, but we as humans always seem to always desire more. We are never content with the lives that we have been given based upon our past karma.

We look upon those whom we believe were blessed with much greater gifts in their lives than us with jealousy. We are saddened by the gifts that they were blessed with, as we believe that we should have been blessed with those same gifts.

We as humans often desire what others have. What they have is impermanent, and they are as well.

It is only when we accept the fact of our own impermanence that we will truly understand the need to let go of our attachments. Learn more about the The Law of Impermanence...here

Our overactive minds always try to dominate our thoughts, and actions. We all allow our emotions to decide what our attachments should consist of. Our monkey mind is in control of it all, and responsible for influencing our decisions. Our decisions guide our actions, and our actions determine our future.

Our attachment to our desires feed our Monkey Minds, our monkey minds lead us astray, and cause us to focus our thoughts on unnatural, or unhealthy outcomes in our lives.

Buddha said, “What we think, we become.”

If we allow our attachments, guided by our monkey minds to determine what we think, than they will also determine what we become. It is all just a big circle of DUKKHA. (suffering)

Let go of attachments they will only bring you suffering. If you passionately crave that which you desire above all else, only rebirth into the realm of hungry ghosts can teach you the error of your ways.

Let go of your attachments, and Embrace Nirvana

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