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Corona Virus

“It's in the misery of some unnamed slum that the next killer virus will emerge.” ~Barack Obama

Finding Inner Peace during a Coronavirus outbreak.

I have received several messages from concerned followers of Embracing Nirvana about the Novel (New) Coronavirus, wondering if I was safe and healthy here in Thailand, or asking me if I was worried about it spreading internationally.

Although a potential viral pandemic does not blend well into a Buddhist niche, I will address it if my words of wisdom will help to alleviate the fear and panic that seems to be enveloping the international community about the rapid spread of the Novel Coronavirus.

All things are impermanent including the Novel Coronavirus. Let mindfulness of your health, and Inner Peace, guide your thinking.

As of February 12th 2020 there were 45,172 confirmed cases of the virus globally, and 1,115 people have passed away from this coronavirus.

Although these numbers are large and growing, according to the Chinese government the number of people recovering from the coronavirus are rising.

Doctors in Thailand have already successfully treated this virus using a combination of medication used to treat AIDS, and flu medication.

This virus is small potatoes compared to the Black Plague which occurred in the 1300’s and was responsible for between 75 – 200 million deaths. We have come a long way with heathcare since those bygone days.

Yes this is a virus that is something to be cautious about since it is something completely new, and something we have no herd immunity to, it must be made clear to everyone however that it is not just a Chinese disease.

I remember in America eons ago back in the 1980’s, Aids was first thought to be a gay disease since that is the first group of people that came down with Aids. We all quickly found out however that Aids is not just a gay disease.

I have read multiple news stories about Chinese people being discriminated against for the crime of being Chinese. Please stop this. Chinese people don’t want to be infected with the new Corona virus any more than you do. Show them the same respect as you would show to your mother.

I have never been to China, and have no Chinese friends. I say these words because I am human just like them. I have empathy for their suffering. Do you have empathy for their suffering, or animosity against them for circumstances beyond their control?

According to The World Health Organization a pandemic is defined as “The worldwide spread of a new disease.” WHO - What is a Pandemic?

They have also defined a pandemic as “an epidemic occurring worldwide, or over a very wide area, crossing international boundaries and usually affecting a large number of people”. WHO - The classical definition of a pandemic is not elusive

Although we do not quite fit that definition for this virus, we are becoming dangerously close to reaching a Pandemic level.

This Novel Coronavirus formerly known as 2019-nCoV allegedly started in Wuhan China at a market that sold seafood, meats, and live animals for human consumption.

There are however conspiracy theorists who proclaim that this new Coronavirus was created in a lab, China's first Biosafety Level 4 lab, the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which investigates "the most dangerous pathogens." Foreign Policy - The Wuhan Virus Is Not a Lab-Made Bioweapon

(This virus has now been officially named, COVID-19.)

At the onset of this viral outbreak there were doctors in china warning people to be vigilant of this new infectious virus. Being a communistic country the government quickly arrested these doctors, and threatened them to keep their mouths shut. CNN - This Chinese doctor tried to save lives, but was silenced.

Sadly this doctor has passed away much to the dismay of the people of China whom he tried to warn about virus outbreak.

Saving face is everything in Asian countries, and the Chinese government most definitely didn’t want their doctors talking about a potential virus outbreak in their midst, and causing panic, and social disorder.

Chinese drones have been out looking for people who are outside without their mask on.

What kind of New World Order activity is this?

What is a Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

Learn more about Coronaviruses on The World Health Organization’s website… here

I live in a condo in Bangkok, Thailand. Just a few days ago they put up a notice that stated, “Please ensure any visitors you may have at the condominium have not recently traveled from infected areas.”

They also recommend wearing a face mask in public, and washing hands frequently to stay healthy, which is good advice.

The BTS Sky Train is a popular mode of transportation here in Bangkok, Thailand. I walked to the Sky Train one afternoon to go visit a nearby Buddhist Temple, and seek inner peace, and guidance on my path to nirvana from Buddha through meditation.

When I approached the gates to enter the sky train there was a large group of about 20 Asian people coming through the gates. They were all wearing full face masks, and had luggage with them. They must have just flown in, and were going to their accommodation.

They were speaking amongst themselves as they walked by me, but I did not recognize the language they were speaking. One thing is for certain, they were mindful of the virus, but did not seem too concerned.

When I got onto the Sky Train the first thing that I noticed was that the number of people wearing masks was greater than normal. There was one person who was wearing a mask, but he was coughing violently into it. He didn't look healthy.

I wasn’t wearing a mask, so I kept a good distance away from him, but other people nearby him were not even phased by his coughing. There was one girl who looked about 20 years old that sat close to where he stood.

Her face mask was pulled down from her face, and tucked under her chin. Her attention was fixed on her phone. She was calm, and had inner peace, while sitting a couple of steps away from where someone was coughing quite dramatically.

Perhaps she thought his mask would prevent his virus from spreading, and that is why her mask was not covering her face.

“If there is no problem than there is nothing to worry about. If there is a problem than worrying will do nothing to solve it. So there is no need to worry.” ~Zen Proverb

Be mindful of this virus, but do not panic over it. Fear and panic are negative emotions. Negativity isn’t helpful to anybody. Let the positive energy from your inner peace flow through you and out into the world to lift the vibrational energy for everyone. Let inner peace envelop you on your path to nirvana.

Just practice good hygiene, and safety to protect yourself from the Novel Coronavirus.

Wash your hands regularly with soap, or alcohol based hand rub.

Wear a mask when in public, and cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.

Avoid close contact with anyone showing flu like systems.

Be mindful of this Coronavirus, but don't live in fear of it.

Stay healthy my friends, and Embrace Nirvana.

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