The Importance of Mindfulness:

Mindfulness is important for us if we are to complete our daily tasks in a successful and uneventful manner.

The Four Noble Truths

Most of us live chaotic lives, and we are faced with many distractions that draw our attention away from what we are doing in the present moment. Life is full of distractions, and all of our minds wander off in different directions with various thoughts filling our heads, both of worrying about probable future events, and dwelling on the past.

Our thoughts are seldom focused entirely on the present moment. We seemingly perform our daily tasks on a subconscious level, while our conscious mind is drifting away haphazardly thinking of things that have nothing to do with our present task.

We must learn to redirect our thoughts on the present moment, and on what we are doing at the present time whenever we sense that our thoughts are focused on other things.

Being mindful of our thoughts, and mindful of our actions directs our full attention with laser like focus on the present moment. This laser like focus allows us to accomplish our goals, and embrace our dreams with near certainty. Without mindfulness disaster can happen.

We hear stories on the news every now and then about parents who absentmindedly leave their children strapped into a car seat in the back of their vehicles, and forget that their children are there while they go about their daily work rituals completely unaware of the suffering their own child is enduring.

Their child of course met an untimely end, but according to the parents it was everybody else’s fault, but not theirs.

Parents who make this gravely mistake costing their children their life never accept responsibility for their own actions. They will blame the car maker for not putting a warning device in the vehicle to let them know their child is still inside of the vehicle.

They will claim that they were distracted, or that they don’t normally take their child to daycare, so therefore they forgot about their child being strapped into a car seat when it was their responsibility to take their child to daycare that day.

All the excuses in the world won’t bring their child back. There is one thing however that could have prevented this incident from happening in the first place… MINDFULNESS.

If the person who was responsible for the child’s safety were focused on the present moment and on the task at hand, then their child would still be alive, and the parent would not have to spend the rest of their life thinking about what they did. Mindfulness is very important, not only in our lives, but in the lives of others as well.

We also get distracted while performing our daily tasks. Everybody has a voice inside of their head that constantly speaks to them. It is the voice of our inner self. If right now you are thinking, “What voice? I don’t hear any voice.” That is the voice of our greatest distraction. It is the voice that meditation, and mindfulness endeavors to silence.

As we perform our daily routines we are distracted from our thoughts and actions in the present moment by unrelated thoughts that permeate our minds. Our focus drifts away from the present moment and dwells on an infinite number of other ideas and random thoughts that enter our minds.

Our attention is often drawn away by thoughts of the past. We all choose to relive the past, and wish for different outcomes. The past cannot be changed, no matter how much we desire for a different result.

The future is not here yet, and can only be created by our actions in the present. Worrying about the future is as equally distracting to us as reliving the past. Mindfulness of the present moment should be our primary focus.

Many occupations require focus, and attention to detail. This is to ensure our safety, and the safety of others. Accidents on the job are all too often caused by our lack of focus on what we are doing. Our lack of mindfulness creates an unexpected situation that spirals out of control.

Our attention while we are working is focused on thoughts of past events that we wish had turned out more favorably. We have thoughts of love interests, thoughts of hopes and dreams for our future. We indulge in thoughts of anything and everything except thoughts on what we are doing in the present moment. Our lack of mindfulness causes many distractions for us.

These distractions cause mistakes, or accidents to happen on the job. Simple mistakes are easily corrected at the cost of just a slight loss of time to fix the mistake. Accidents on the other hand can cause serious injuries, or even fatalities.

From a simple slip with a knife causing a minor cut, to a more serious problem while operating heavy machinery causing more catastrophic injuries, the root cause is almost always due to distractions. The simple practice of mindfulness would have prevented these accidents as well.

Distractions occur constantly in our lives, at home, while going about our daily activities, and even while driving. The cause of many car accidents are due to distracted driving.

People are busy playing with their cell phones, playing with their radios, and thinking about anything but the road in front of them. It is no wonder why accidents on the road happen in even the best of road conditions.

Mindfulness will focus our attention on the present moment, and on what we are doing, while we are doing it. The complete focus that mindfulness brings us will prevent many of life’s mishaps.

Practice mindfulness, find your inner peace, and Embrace Nirvana.

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