Bad karma for them, or karmic retribution for me:

Bad Karma

Karma, also known as the law of cause and effect, is an absolute.

By Khun Greg - khungregsthailand.com

The good deeds, and the harmful actions that we bring unto others will return to us seeking blessings upon us, or retribution against us, as a result of our actions set forth by our intentions.

Life is a cruel teacher, first she gives us the test, and then we learn the lesson. Some will learn this lesson after the first test, for others, myself included, we need to be tested again and again before we learn our lesson.


Zara was the first lady that I met in Thailand, and my first test. If you saw Zara on the street, you would not give her a second look. She was a bit of a big girl, but had a good heart, or so I thought.

My Zara lesson lasted for six years. We spent a lot of time together when I was in Bangkok, and spoke often online when I returned to America. I thought that I was going to marry her, and spend the rest of my life with her.

Her favorite restaurant was the Bangkok Seaview. We always made sure that we went there at least once. Zara always ordered more food than we could eat so she had left overs to take home and eat later.

Zara worked hard, and owned a home that she lived in with her two sisters and their families.

She came to my hotel room one day, and was in tears. She was unable to work due to a leg injury for a while, and her sisters were not paying their share of the household expenses.

She was behind on her house payment, and the bank sent her notices that they would take her house if she didn’t get up to date soon. She cried to me, and told me that she didn’t want to lose her house.

She begged me to help her, and told me that she would marry me and I could stay in Thailand on a marriage visa with her if I helped her. So help her I did. I gave her 10,000 baht (about $325) to pay the bank what she owed them.

After I returned to America she asked me to wire her more money to help her out, which I did because I thought we were getting married.

Eventually her communications with me tapered off, until they became non-existent. She finally admitted to me that she found someone else, and loved him, but he had no money. That is why she deceived me to get money from me.

Her intention in the end was to get money from me by deception. May the law of karma even things back out again.


Jeab, lovely Jeab was my next test. Jeab was more aesthetically pleasing than Zara was, but she was a more expensive lesson for me to learn nonetheless. I met Jeab just before the anti-government protests started in Bangkok back in 2013.

Jeab was the one I wrote about on my page Dating Thai women. You can read more about the Jeab story there.

I took care of Jeab, and her daughter during the anti-government protests by sending her money to help pay her bills every month for about eight months.

The area near her apartment, and place of employment was ground zero for the protesters. The protesters turned the four lane road into a one lane road creating all kinds of havoc in the area.

This caused my girlfriend to lose many hours at work due to lack of customers. I transferred money to her bank account regularly to help her pay her bills.

She told me she loved me, and wanted to marry me because I was the only one who worried about her, and took care of her and her daughter.

After I returned to Bangkok it was revealed to me that I was merely her sponsor. She seemed to find pleasure in the foolishness of the foreigner who sent her money for eight months.

May karma even things out again.


Wii, pronounced We, was my next test, and the most expensive lesson from an emotional point of view that I have ever endured. Wii was the most attractive girl that I ever had the pleasure of lying next to.

Wii not only had a pretty face, she was also physically fit because she enjoyed doing aerobics with her friends twice a day. Wii had four pack abs. Not quite six pack, but she definitely had a flat stomach with four defined abdominal muscles under her shirt.

I first met Wii through another girl that I had met online. Wii let me know right away that she wanted a husband, and not just a boyfriend. She ensnared me into her trap hook line and sinker from the very beginning.

It was easy to fall in love with this strikingly beautiful girl who seemed to have an attraction for an ordinary average guy like me.

I first met her in Bangkok with her aunt for merely one day. It was supposed to last longer, but she returned to Khon Kaen, her home town after spending just one day with me in Bangkok.

We made plans for her to return to Bangkok with me alone, and we would travel around Thailand together, but she never came back to me. The Thai lady who introduced us told me that another man came to visit her in Khon Kaen, and that is why she ignored me, and didn’t return to Bangkok to see me again.

I didn’t want to believe that. I wanted this beautiful Thai lady to love me alone. So I continued to pursue her with all of my heart and affection for her.

After I had returned to America, I continued to communicate with her every day. Eventually we made plans to rent a house together in Khon Kaen, Thailand. She had two children from a previous marriage, and I agreed to marry her, and take care of her and her children in Khon Kaen forever.

(Notice the pattern here? I should have.)

Just over one year later I returned to Bangkok, and Wii met me at the airport. She gave me a big hug, and we left the airport for a hotel in Bangkok.

We shared a room, and a bed together, but you would have thought she was my sister by the way she acted. She wanted to marry me, she wanted us to buy a house together, but she didn’t want me to touch her in bed.

The very next day she told me that she wanted me to buy her a gold ring so everyone would know that she had a boyfriend, so off to the gold store we went to get her a gold ring.

When we got to the gold store she decided to look at gold bracelets after looking at a couple of gold rings, and of course we left the store with a nice gold bracelet on her wrist.

I also foolishly gave her my gold necklace to show her I loved her, and gifts and money for her family as well.

Wii was not quite as expensive of a lesson financially as the Care mistake was, but I know in my heart that she was the one I loved the most. I thought she loved me. I thought that she would spend the rest of her life with me, but she secretly had other plans.

She tried to get me to buy her a house in her hometown in her name. I could not buy it in my name. I told her we should rent one together first, but she didn’t want that.

It went downhill after that because I didn’t agree to pay cash for a house in her name. I went back to Bangkok after that, and never saw her again.

I kept in touch with her every now and then for a year after it was officially over. Partly because I still loved her, but mostly because I thought it was an opportunity to get my gold jewelry back from her.

This never manifested, even though I told her that I gave it to her because I thought we were getting married. Her response always was that her ex-husband never asked for his gold back after they split up.

Wii ended up moving to Japan, and marrying a man there.

Well played Wii, well played. When Karma comes back to you, I hope you remember me.

I sometimes wonder about the law of karma, and if bad karma will befall them. I can’t help but contemplate one other possibility, perhaps in a past life I wronged them, and took valuables from them.

Now in this lifetime karma is seeking retribution from me, and returning it to them in this one. Why else would they come into my life to deceive me when my intentions were good?

Unless we make peace with our past, we won’t have a future, or a peaceful present.

Some people come into our lives just to teach us how to let go.

I know that there is no point in wondering why things in the past happened the way they did. I must be at peace with not knowing.

I forgive them. I let them go, and embrace nirvana.

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