Sometimes we do a good deed for the wrong reason:

Good Deeds
By Khun Greg - khungregsthailand.com

Paying it forward with a good deed is always a good thing.

You may find yourself in an unfortunate situation as well someday, and will be thankful for the assistance of a good deed.

I really do love a good pizza. After several recommendations about the quality of a certain pizza place in Bangkok, I decided to give it a try.

I will have to agree with those who gave this restaurant a stellar review, they do have good pizza. I am a fussy eater, so coming from me that is a great compliment.

I have eaten there many times and was never disappointed with my meal. The alluring ladies working there knew me as a regular. I must have ordered the same thing more often than I realized, as the waitresses would simply say to me when I arrived, “Same same?”

I just smiled at them and said yes, before sitting down to await my food.

This restaurant had seating outside, as well as inside. I always chose the outside seating for the experience of people watching, and the open air enjoyment of a greasy pizza with a cold beer to wash it down.

There is nothing like a belly full of quality pizza to put a smile on your face in my humble opinion.

So there I was, walking gingerly towards my favorite pizza place. It is always good to be street smart no matter where you are in the world.

I was dressed in my usual attire, which is jeans and a comfortable t-shirt. The majority of my shirts have a Harley Davidson logo on them, so I am guessing I was wearing one of them on the day in question.

Did I happen to mention that my tennis shoes were looking a little worse for the wear? They were once new and white, but a year of walking the streets of Bangkok seems to have tarnished them.

Needless to say I did not look like I could afford to pay attention let alone pay for my meal. This fact did not go unnoticed by a few Thai ladies whom I crossed paths with on my way to pizza bliss.

They were relatively attractive, and dressed smartly, but I wonder if they were self-made, or merely well kept.

They seemed to take great delight in looking down their noses at me. Although I could not understand what they were saying, their condescending eye contact, and laughter let me know their true intentions.

I kept walking away from these well to do pompous women, in an attempt to avoid an unpleasant confrontation, so gleefully off to my favorite pizza restaurant I went to enjoy my happy meal.

There are many of you that believe happy meals come from McDonald’s, but if you have never had a pizza that melts in your mouth, and causes the endorphins in your brain to go into hyper drive, than you have no idea what a happy meal truly is.

Low and behold, as I was enjoying my savory pizza, in walks my pretentious adorers, whom I tried so desperately to avoid on the streets of Bangkok just a few precious moments earlier.

Not only did they choose to invade my pizza territory, they chose to sit at a table that was right next to mine, in the outdoor ambiance of Bangkok.

I tried to eat my food faster, and vacate the area as expeditiously as possible, until I cast my eyes upon… him.

He was a man who was looking inside a nearby garbage can for something to eat not far from where I was seated in the outdoor area of the restaurant. I thought about offering him some money so that he could buy something fresh to eat, but then I noticed the women seated next to me looking down their noses at him.

Their pretentious gaze at him gave me a better idea.

I could give this economically disadvantaged individual a nice meal, and inflict psychological trauma upon the high - so ladies with one simple action. So I invited this person who has encountered a series of unfortunate events to join me for a bite to eat.

At first the ladies who worked there gave me that bewildered look for inviting him to join me, but after using Google Translate to communicate my true intentions, they smiled, and seemed at ease about it.

I used Google Translate to tell them that the high so ladies seated next to me were not only disrespectful to me, but to the homeless man as well. They gave me that knowingly nod as if they too were treated like garbage by the well to do members of society.

I let him order a few slices of the pizza he wanted with a side of garlic bread which I have never tried there before. I drank the last of my drink just as he was almost finished eating the first slice of pizza. I then paid for our food, and left while he remained at the table enjoying the rest of his meal.

I looked back at the pretentious ladies who were now glaring at me in disgust, I gave them a smile, and a wave goodbye as I walked away with a spring in my step.

Good deed done, albeit for the wrong reason… it was a good deed non-the-less.

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