Is my Enlightenment being tested?

Bad Luck
By Khun Greg - khungregsthailand.com

Bad luck, or just being tested by the universe?

There was a strong earthquake recently that shook the border between Thailand, and Laos. It caused high-rises in Bangkok to slowly sway back and forth for 30 seconds.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey the earthquake measured 6.1 magnitude on the Richter Scale, and caused the ground to tremble from six miles below the surface.

I rent a condo in Bangkok on the 30th floor. I was asleep in my bed when something woke me up from a deep sleep. Still groggy as I opened my eyes, I saw my curtains swaying back and forth away from my window.

This struck me as odd as I was suddenly pulled from REM sleep into a somewhat full state of wakefulness, but in all likelihood I was dwelling in the Hypnagogic State at the time. Unperturbed I just rolled over, and went back to enjoying my time in dreamland.

Hardly remembering this event upon waking up naturally, I read news stories the next day about the earthquake. If was then that my mind came alive with memories of my curtains swaying back and forth.

These are not small light weight curtains. They are thick, and heavy light blocking curtains that stretch from the ceiling to a couple feet above the floor, making them about six feet, or two meters long.

Additionally I only have windows on one side of my condo, meaning there is nowhere for the air to flow through. Only when a strong thunderstorm is approaching from the direction of the windows will there be enough airflow to move the curtains, assuming that the window is open behind them.

Therefore with the logic of hindsight, it was the earthquake that moved my curtains that morning of shakes, rattles, and rolls.

Now we must move the calendar forward a couple of weeks to get to the meat of this article, and the point of my spiel of bad luck, or a universal lesson.

Again I was sleeping peacefully in my bed. I couldn’t tell you what my dream visions were prior to waking, but I am guessing they were uneventful. I was awaken by a loud noise that sounded like a loud popping noise and the ceiling falling down on the floor.

My mind being jerked unexpectedly into full wakefulness, I was of course focused on the ceiling falling, and thinking that the condo above mine was about to fall down on mine, or into mine may be a more accurate terminology.

That was until I noticed many of the tiles in my floor had slightly popped up from their foundation. Unlucky for me the one closest to the door only came up on the edge facing the door, making it impossible to open the door more than several inches.

I had to suck in my belly, and push hard to squeeze through the door. Lucky for me I am skinny.

The doorman said that it happened to several units near mine. He thinks it was caused by the temperature change. I believe that the earthquake swaying a concrete building that doesn’t flex, was the catalyst to cause my tiles to shift.

I informed the rental company about it, who then informed the owner. The next day I sent a message to check on the progress, and was told, “Don’t worry, the owner will send someone soon.”

It reminded me of a scene from the movie, The Karate Kid. Daniel said to the maintenance man at his apartment complex, “Our faucet is really leaking. Can you come and fix it?” The maintenance man answered “I”

Daniel: “Can I tell my mom when?”

Maintenance man: “When what?”

Daniel: “When are you going to fix the faucet?”

Maintenance man: “After.”

Daniel: “After what?”

Maintenance man, “After After!”

Sending someone soon, meant that someone came six days later just to take pictures.

For a week already I had to struggle to squeeze through my door, the tiles all made a creaking and cracking noise as you walked on them as well. I was getting irritated with it, and losing patience.

The Law of Impermanence had left my thought process, and negative emotions from my Monkey Mind were beginning to guide my thinking.

Ten days after it happened someone came to fix it. I came back five hours later and the whole condo was covered in concrete dust. It took two days to sweep, mop, and dust several times to get it cleaned.

The worst part was they did a poor job fixing the tiles. They are not flat, three are chipped, one looks like they dropped it, and cemented it back together.

They called the tile people to come and fix it. So far they made three appointments to come at ten in the morning to fix it, but after four hours of waiting, they never showed up, and then canceled the appointment.

I am still waiting for the work to be complete three weeks later. As a renter I can live with the condition of my floor, as an owner I would not pay for the work they did. If they ever show up to fix it, I have two days of cleaning when they are finished to look forward to.

I have spent much time studying, and embracing the teachings of Buddha for a while now. I am not ignorant of The Four Noble Truths, or The Eightfold Path.

I know about the MONKEY MIND leading our minds astray, and the misery that OVERTHINKING can bring us. Still I have let my Monkey Mind detour me from Buddha’s teachings.

I have helped others throughout the years, and have built up many karmic good deed points. What does it mean When Bad Things Happen to Good People?

With all of my karmic good deeds I find bad luck to be the unlikely cause of recent events. If everything happens for a reason, what is my universal lesson here?

All things are impermanent, this too shall pass?

Expectations lead to Dukkha, suffering?

You cannot control everything let it go?

Remain peaceful, and happy in any situation?

Your thoughts create your reality?

The hardest prison to escape is in your own mind?

I think I will have to meditate on my universal lesson. One thing is for sure, if short term bad luck detours my mental state, than I am not ready to become a Sotapanna yet.

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