Overcoming Your Fears By Facing Them:

Face Your Fear

“The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment that you reject all help are you freed.” ~ Buddha

Face Your Fear

Fear is the greatest adversary to our success. If we allow fear to overcome us we will fail to take action to do the things that we need to get done, and fear will prevent us from achieving our goals, and our dreams.

More often than not our fears are irrational. We fear things that cannot possibly harm us.

For me my two biggest fears were the fear of change, and the fear of heights. My fear of heights completely overwhelmed me, and my fear of change was preventing me from following my dream of living in Thailand.

I finally made the decision to follow my dreams, overcome my fears, and make the move to Thailand in early 2018.

I let go of attachment, and relieved myself of most of my possessions the first several months of 2018. Everything I owned that did not fit into two suitcases was sold, thrown away, or given away.

It was amazing how many things I had accumulated, and held on to for many years that no longer had any meaning to me.

Then in early June of 2018 I made a journey to Thailand. It was my plan to make this trip a permanent relocation. I had been thinking about it for seven years, but being a creature of habit, it definitely pushed my anxiety threshold to the extreme.

You see I have always been a creature of habit. I didn’t like change, change brought me stress and anxiety. Constantly maintaining the same behavioral patterns brought me peace and serenity.

I was afraid to step outside of my comfort zone. Leaving the country I was born in, and relocating to the other side of the Earth was definitely a big move out of my comfort zone.

Bangkok, the city that never sleeps was going to be my new home. The traffic was going down the wrong side of the road, the street signs were written in a language I couldn’t read, and the people spoke a language I couldn’t understand.

Bangkok was a completely different environment than I was accustom to. What better place to face my fear of change. It was the perfect place to Embrace not only change, but being a culture based on Buddhism, Embrace Nirvana as well.

Among the primary things that needed to be checked off of my to do list after getting a visa to stay in Thailand long term, was finding a place to live.

I looked at many places, but although inexpensive they were not quite what I wanted. I eventually inquired about rentals at a nice high rise condo near the sky train in Bangkok.

I had walked past this condo complex many times in the past, and wondered what it would be like to live there.

The nice lady in charge of rentals showed me several units in that building that were available to rent. She showed me one that had everything I needed inside of it.

There was a comfortable bed with a very soft mattress inside the apartment, and a comfy sofa as well. It had a small kitchen area with a refrigerator / freezer, microwave, 2 burners for cooking, but no oven.

The kitchen area also had a washing machine. Yes a washing machine was in the kitchen, which seemed to be the normal setup for condos in Bangkok. There was one small problem, ok BIG problem, the balcony.

This condo was located on the 30th floor. I should have known it was quite high up when my ears started popping as we went up in the elevator. When we stepped into the condo the curtains were closed, upon opening them a big picture window, and balcony was revealed.

Did I mention this condo was on the 30th floor? The concrete jungle below looked like a Lego village from the picture window. There was no way I was stepping out onto that balcony on the 30th floor.

The condo in Bangkok was significantly cheaper than my apartment in America. It had everything that I needed, and a great location as well. I decided to overlook the height of it and sign a lease for one year.

The washing machine was just that, a washing machine. It did not dry, so I needed to hang my clothes outside on the balcony to dry them. I of course could feel myself trembling with fear as I strung a rope around my railing to hang my clothes.

Eventually the fear in me subsided, and I was able to enjoy the amazing view from my balcony. You see things from a much different perspective from that high up. The landscape, birds, and even the clouds look completely different from that perspective.

Imagine an apartment complex 20 units across, 2 units deep, and 8 stories high. Standing next to this apartment complex from the ground it appears to be a large building. From 30 stories up looking down it looks like a child’s toy at your feet.

Birds flying by beneath your line of vision is something you don’t see too often while at ground level. Watching a rainstorm move across the area looks much different from a birds eye view.

You can gaze well out into the distance from the vantage point of that high up, and a rumbling storm slowly enveloping the area appears much different than it does from the ground level.

You can actually see the clouds dumping rain down on the city in individual bands, and not in the same uniform consistency. It is as if many shower heads are being slowly moved across the area. Truly a unique sight to behold.

I now can enjoy the surreal view from my balcony without fear. I am so use to the eagle eye view that I now prefer it to the view closer to the ground. I can even lean forward over my railing, and look down at the tiny cars and people going by so very far below.

I’m not afraid anymore. I’m no longer afraid to step outside of my comfort zone, and heights no longer make me tremble with fear.

I have embraced my fears.

What are you afraid of? Don’t let fear overwhelm you. Face your fear, embrace it, and be at peace.

Face Your Fears, Find Your Inner Peace, and Embrace Nirvana.

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